Kilimanjaro: Hahn & Team Get Quick Glimpse of Kilimanjaro Before Ascending to Shira Camp

We did get a peek at Kilimanjaro this morning before breakfast.

Kilimanjaro: Hahn & Team All Present in Tanzania

Wonder of wonders, all ten climbers made it through to Tanzania and Kilimanjaro International Airport without missing flights or losing baggage.

Kilimanjaro: Hahn & Team Descend into floor of Ngorongoro Crater

We each had jackets or sweaters on as Fabian and Godson brought the Landcruisers down the steep and exposed road into the Ngorongoro caldera.

Kilimanjaro: Hahn &  Team Summit Highest Point in Africa

We were on top of Uhuru, the highest point in Africa, at about 20 minutes after 7 this morning 25 minutes after 7.

Mt. Elbrus: Northside Team Carries to Camp 1

After just under five hours, we walked into Camp 1, on the terminal moraine of the glacier.

Mongolia: Frank & Team Land Back in Ulaanbataar

The Mongolia team has made the jump from Olgii in Western Mongolia back to the capital, Ulaanbataar.

Mt. Elbrus: Grom & Team Enjoy Day in Cheget after Climb

We spent the day walking around town, enjoying the new coffee shop in town, and picking up a few souvenirs.

Denali Expedition: Walter & Team Decide to Wait and Watch the Weather

We had hopes of making a summit push today, but as we were gearing up early this morning winds began to increase and a lenticular cloud cap began forming on the summit.

Denali Expedition: Walter & Team Move Gear to High Camp

The sun was still be hind the West Rib of Denali and we climbed the approach slopes and most of the fixed ropes in the shade.

Denali Expedition: Haugen & Team Get Their Walk On

We had a smooth early morning departure from basecamp this morning.

Denali Expedition: Walter & Team Carry Gear, Ready to Move Up

We let the snow surface freeze up a bit after dinner and left camp at 9pm, headed up the Kahiltna Glacier with our backpacks and sleds loaded with food and supplies we’ll need a we move higher.

Cotopaxi: Grom & Team Enjoy a Rest Day at Chilcabamba Eco Lodge

We had a nice relaxing day here in the beautiful Highlands of Ecuador.

Denali Expedition: Gorum & Team Settle in to Camp at 14,200’

We’re currently settled into our new home at 14 thousand feet, and life is good.

Denali Expedition: Gately & Team See the Edge of the World

The team woke up to gorgeous weather and we enjoyed another lengthy breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns and bacon before heading down to 13,600ft to grab our cached gear.