Speaking Spätzle: What to Know About this Quintessential Swabian Favorite—and How to Make It

Categories: FoodRecipesImage: Plump and misshapen, with a soft, chewy texture that’s reminiscent of pasta or gnocchi, Spätzle belongs in its own culinary category altogether. Pervasive in Germany, Austria, and Hungary, and stretching into Switzerland and other neighboring European countries, the popular pasta comes in several varieties. But the miniature dumplings usually share a few common threads – a simple dough, heavy with egg and flour, and a cooking method that …

How Milk Became the Drink of Choice for Indy 500 Winners

Categories: Best OfStoriesImage: A day before thirty-three racing cars charge through the speedway, ticking off 200 laps and 500 miles, the Milk People (yes, they’re called “Milk People”) prepare to make their special delivery. Chosen from among more than 1,000 Indiana dairy farmers, two “Milk People” are selected to award the Indianapolis 500 winner, and the driver’s mechanic and car owner, a bottle of milk. They’re offered one of three varieties – skim, 2%, or whole milk. Chocolate is a no-go. Today, no Indy winner would think of drinking anything else. And yet the…

An Unexpected Chocolate Haven: Erie, Pennsylvania

Categories: Best OfTravelingFoodRestaurant reviewsImage: When it comes to storied chocolate towns in Pennsylvania, most people probably point out Hershey in the southeast—home of the little melt-in-your-mouth kisses that made the company, and town, popular. But Erie, located in the northwestern slip of the state that separates Ohio to the west and New York to the East, hugging Lake Erie’s shoreline, has a chocolate history dating…

A Spicy Taste of Puerto Vallarta’s El Arrayán Restaurant: Easy Salsa de Chile de Árbol

Categories: Best OfTravelingFoodRecipesImage: Roasted Crispy Cricket Tacos and Plantain Empanadas share the menu with traditional Jalisco favorites like Corn Sopes, Beef Barbacoa, and Cochinita Pibil. Such is the assortment of inventive dishes that have become the trademark of El Arrayán restaurant. At the corner of Calle Allende and Calle Miramar, just a few minutes southeast from the Puerto Vallarta’s famed Malecon, or boardwalk, El Arrayán is named after a tree of the same name whose fruit includes a kick of sourness soothed by traces of sweet. At…

5 Affordable Family Restaurants in Hilton Head

Featured 1 ShareThisExploring something new. That’s what vacation is all about for our family. And one of the best ways to keep that theme alive revolves around the meal table. We try to avoid chain restaurants in general but as a rule when we’re on the road. But unless you have your own

Curry Lessons

Featured 1 ShareThisWhen we lived in Michigan, my neighbor from Northern India would often invite us over to her home for dinner. Wafts of coriander and fennel with undercurrents of earthy nuts and more vibrant cilantro greeted us when she opened the door. read more

5 Foods to Try in São Paulo, Brazil

Featured 1 ShareThisBrazilians take food seriously. They’re known to spend more than an hour midday working their way through multi-course meals, often followed by visit to a local café. And São Paulo seems to be the country’s culinary mecca. read more

Go Global with Thanksgiving with a French Infusion

Featured 1 ShareThisThe idea of a Thanksgiving holiday dates back to an autumn feast celebrated by pilgrims and Native Americans in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. More than 200 years later, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln declared the fourth Thursday of every November a national day of Thanksgiving. read more

Kid-Friendly Foods to Try in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Featured 1 ShareThisStretching far enough that on some nights the Aurora Borealis dance in the sky, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula seems like a world apart—literally. The 5-mile long Mackinac Bridge links the U.P. to the rest of Michigan. The U.P. read more

Stepping Back in Time at the Pfahlbau Museum, Germany

Featured 1 ShareThisHave your kids ever asked you what life was like for people the Stone Age? What did they eat? What kind of houses did they have? read more

5 Reasons I Love my CSA

Featured 1 ShareThisSeeing trucks around town spray painted with giant-sized corn, steak, cheese, grapes, and apples I was intrigued by what they were carrying, especially with the tagline, “Local Provisions for Modern Domestic Living.” These trucks were my first real exposure to a CSA – or community-supported agriculture. read more