Top 5 Festivals And Fairs To Visit In India

The largest democratic country in terms of population, India has a deep rooted culture which is more than 4500 years old. Hinduism is the primary religion in the country with Islam being the secondary and Buddhism and Christianity being the latter. The Country has been a home to many ancient cultures and civilizations, each of them bringing a unique trait and cultural philosophy to the region. Owning to this, India is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world where you can experience a change in the people’s dialect every few miles you cross. The arts …

Favorite Landscapes Around the World

The #FriFotos theme this week feels like a gift; I love taking photos of the amazing landscapes I have the luck to visit in all corners of the world. It was tough though to winnow down the thousands to just a few, but I hope you enjoy these photos of my favorite landscapes around the world.Stellenbosch, South AfricaLake Ballard, Western AustraliaPlitvice Lakes, CtoatiaWadi Rum, JordanHonister Pass, EnglandGarden of the Gods, Lanai, HawaiiCliffs

Is flying with Ryanair worth the savings?

1 Dad, 1 Kid, 1 Crazy Adventure If you’ve traveled around Europe, you’ve no doubt heard about Ryanair. Their very low fares are often a great temptation. They made a reputation for themselves for not only offering low fares but for charging fees for practically everything. At one point, I think there was even discussion of charging a fee to use the lavatory. With all of the recent bad press, Ryanair has decided to make some changes to their policies. Rules for things like allowable baggage are now clearly indicated during the reservation process and are easily found…

Bulgaria: Sunny Beach resort region dangerous and not fit to receive EU tourists?

Sunny Beach is the largest resort in Bulgaria, and is a purpose built holiday town with hundreds of hotels, bars and restaurants. read more

Round at Cotswold Downs Golf & Lifestyle Estate

Good day, I’m writing this from somewhere high above the Atlantic but want to share my thoughts on playing a round at Cotswold Downs Estate before the fine memory slowly fades from mine. The course is part of a residential golf and lifestyle estate in Hillcrest which is located roughly ~35 minutes outside of Durban, South Africa.The course is in immaculate condition and provides a challenge for golfers of all skill levels. I was playing in a Stableford Tournament with some…

30 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Visit South Africa

One year after my visit, South Africa remains a paradox in my mind. One on hand, it’s by the far the most developed and advanced country on the African continent, to the point where you might not even realize you’re in Africa in some places, particularly in Cape Town and along the Garden Route. On the other hand, it’s home to some of the wildest scenery I’ve…

Travel Photo of the Week: Gulaschsuppe

For me, trying new foods is part of the fun of travel. This particular bowl of brown liquid is actually gulaschsuppe (“goulasch soup” in English), as served at the New Castle Restaurant in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. It’s made from beef, broth, onions and spices. This particular version was pretty spicy, which was fine with me….Read Full Post

Photo of the Moment: The Canvas of a Setting Sun, Peru

Join Vagabondish on Twitter and Facebook. © Geraint Rowland The post Photo of the Moment: The Canvas of a Setting Sun, Peru appeared first on Vagabondish.

To Peden Lake and Beyond: A Photoadventure

Featured 3 ShareThisThe other day, my travels took me to the West Coast of Canada’s rainforest. I went to college in Victoria, the Capital of British Columbia, a number of years ago and return fairly often to visit friends, and my Father, who call the region home. read more

Here’s the thing about Las Vegas…

Las Vegas… Baby? Las Vegas is one of the most interesting and unusual cities on the planet. It’s a playground built for adults who want to act like rock stars for the weekend. It’s a place where high rollers strut with a misguided sense of purpose and common folk lose their hard earned…

Off-Broadway Comedy ‘Craving for Travel’ Showcases Travel Agents Trying to do the Impossible

Filed under: Arts and Culture, North America, United States Facebook/Craving for Travel Joanne and Gary, rival travel agents compete for their industry’s top honor, the Globel Prize, while trying to address their clients’ impossible demands in an Off-Broadway comedy that debuts this week, “Craving for Travel.” The 85-minute, two-actor, 30-character comedy was commissioned and produced by Jim Strong, president of the Dallas-based Strong Travel Services travel agency. “Travel …

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira, Colombia

Over one hundred and eighty metres below the ground, in the cool shadows of Colombia, lies the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira. Over 3000 people attend mass each Sunday at this subterranean Roman Catholic church. The lack of bishop, however, means that the use of the word cathedral is a creative, affectionate touch from the citizens of the surrounding region of Cundinamarca (or a cynical ploy to …

Celebrating Kamehameha Day in Honolulu

O’ahu has a calendar that’s full of festivals and celebrations, from the Honolulu Festival in spring to the Aloha Festivals in fall. Kamehameha Day on June 11 is one of the most colorful and elaborate of the island’s celebrations, and it offers the opportunity to delve into the history and culture of the Hawaiian islands. King Kamehameha I (full name: Kalani Pai?ea Wohi o Kaleikini Keali?ikui Kamehameha o ?Iolani i Kaiwikapu kau?i Ka Liholiho K?nui?kea) is honored for having established the first Kingdom of Hawai’i in 1810. Kamehameha Day was established by … and Expedia in legal trouble over unfair pricing policies

US based does not like competition. read more