The Ultimate Travellers Guide To Malaria And Antimalarials.

Malaria is a potentially fatal tropical disease spread by mosquitoes that is still largely misunderstood by many travellers. This ultimate guide is here to give all backpackers all the information they need to protect themselves against malaria on their gap year and understand the importance of antimalarials. Malaria is an potentially ... (c) Bemused Backpacker - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

Getting There Is Half The Fun: Must Do Hikes In Our National Parks

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We live in one of the most photogenic regions of North America, probably the world. Photographers travel here to shoot from all over. They are born here, raised here, and fall in love with taking pictures here. They spend hours climbing thousands of feet in elevation to capture sunsets. They camp ... (c) Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

My Stupid Mistake While Hiking Corcovado National Park (Costa Rica)

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My Stupid Mistake While Hiking Corcovado National Park (Costa Rica) originally appeared on Green Global Travel. Located on Costa Rica‘s remote Osa Peninsula, Corcovado National Park has been referred to by National Geographic as “the most biologically intense place on Earth in terms of biodiversity.” At 164 square miles, it’s the largest national park in Costa Rica, the largest primary forest on the American Pacific coastline, and one of the few remaining large areas of lowland ... (c) Green Global Travel - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

TravelCon Updates: Speakers, Sponsors, and More!

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Hey everyone! I’m super-duper excited about TravelCon, our upcoming conference to teach people how to build sustainable careers in the travel industry. It’s going to be the biggest — and best — travel media event of the year! I have some exciting updates: 1. We’re sold out! I had to increase the number of tickets to 600, but we are now at our max capacity. I think it’s incredible that it took... (c) Nomadic Matt's Travel Site - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

The Comic Book Murals of Brussels

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No other country has produced more comic artists than Belgium. A mighty feat for such a small country. The tradition dates back almost a full century ago, when Tintin was created by Belgian artist Hergé and the Smurfs were created by Belgian artist Peyo. Taking the country’s love affair with comics one step further is Brussels, where you can find a lengthy set of murals sprawling across the city walls. This project is called the ... (c) The Culture Map - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

PHOTO: Water Fights during Songkran in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Thai New Year is celebrated with a four or five day holiday that falls in mid-April each year. The holiday, known as Songkran, is celebrated throughout Thailand, but Songkran in Chiang Mai is celebrated with true abandon. Festivities kick off at 6 a.m. at Thapae Gate, where Buddhist monks offer a blessing and join an alms-giving procession. Residents and visitors line the plaza, eager to place a gift of food, drink, or flowers into the alms bowls of the monks. These offerings are transported to the various wats... The post PHOTO: Water Fights during ... (c) Hole In The Donut Cultural Travel - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

Must Stay: The Burgenstock Resort above Lake Lucerne

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Located on a ridge high above Lake Lucerne, the renowned Burgenstock Resort has recently emerged from a 10-year, $550-million renovation and expansion to become one of Switzerland’s most exciting properties. The first hotel opened here in 1873, and the resort has since become a favorite among world leaders, European royalty and movie stars. The heart of the refurbished resort is the newly constructed Burgenstock Hotel. One of our preferred hotels in the Lucerne region, it’s an elegant luxury hotel with spectacular views ... (c) Artisans of Leisure – Luxury Travel Blog – Artisans of Leisure - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

The 5 most amazing villas for a summer vacation in Europe

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Do you want to feel at home on your well-deserved vacation? There are many amazing villas in Europe, but which ones are the crème de la crème? Nothing is more luxurious than staying in a villa with a private pool, amazing garden, house staff and a dream location. Paradizo will present (c) Luxury Travel Tips and Vacation Ideas - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

The Ultimate Guide to Gansu

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China is somewhat poorly known outside of Beijing and Shanghai, but attractions like the Gansu China rainbow mountains and the “first pier” of the Great Wall have put more remote regions of the country on our collective travel map. (Attractions and one particular endorsement—more on that in a few paragraphs.) Whether you come to China&#... (c) Leave Your Daily Hell - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

Ultimate Desert Glamping: The Ritz Carlton Al Wadi Review

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Dawn in the Desert at the Al Wadi Across the sand, something is moving. Slowly. Stuttering. But real. An oryx, I think, white flanks caked in dust, horns piercing the air. It’s almost as though she’s following the sun, appearing with its quiet, dawn-like shift across the dunes. It’s early, but as a new mum, I’m used to early. I’m not that used to quiet. A bird dips its wings in the water and I hold my breath, waiting watching. And I haven’t needed to venture ... (c) Inside the Travel Lab - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

Why You Need to Try Bravo Cucina Italiana’s Spring Promotion

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Categories: Best OfTravelingBody: On the perfect spring evening, with a warm sun and a clear blue sky, we were lucky enough to dine al fresco at Bravo Cucina Italiana - and sample their spring promotion. Sundays - Thursdays, from April 10 – June 16, guests at BRAVO Cucina Italiana can choose two of BRAVO's classic Italian dishes and receive a half portion of each. The promotion includes a choice of soup or salad; dishes are priced at $14.99 during lunch and ... (c) Wandering Educators - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

3 New ways to earn Aeroplan Miles easily

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3 New ways to earn Aeroplan Miles easily A few years ago we wrote about how we accumulate Aeroplan Miles quickly. While all of those options are still available, we’ve started to earn Aeroplan Miles three new ways. We redeem a lot of miles every year, so we’re always on the lookout for new ways to earn more. Today, we want to share these 3 easy travel hacks with you. Every year we redeem our Aeroplan Miles for flights. Redeeming miles is one of the ways we’re able to fly our family of four to expensive destinations. Next month... (c) Traveling Canucks - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

Favorite Moments Reconnecting with Rome

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Until just a few months ago, my opinion on Rome was fairly muted. I had only visited once before and that was for 1 day many years ago. Somehow I had missed returning until late last year when, in the span of just a couple of months, I found myself in the Eternal City not once, but twice. In the process, I discovered a city that I very quickly fell in love with, from its delicious food to the inviting plazas and of course the history found around every corner. Those trips quickly erased years of travel neglect and instilled ... (c) LandLopers - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

Thailand Tourism Authority opens office in Toronto, Canada

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Around 150 guests including Canadian travel companies, travel media, guests from the business community later attended an evening reception which featured a live music performance by famous Thai saxophonist, Mr. Koh Saxman, a demonstration of fruit and vegetable carving, and making of artificial flowers and carps from palm leaves. All this to celebrate the The […]Click on the headline to read the full article... - Submit your own story idea click here - (c) eTurboNews (eTN) - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

Everest Base Camp Trek: Grom & Team Arrive at Everest Base Camp

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I just wanted to update everyone and let you know that we had a nice hike today and beautiful weather with fantastic news of Nuptse and Everest and the whole Khumbu Glacier as we headed out of Gorak Shep. (c) RMI Expeditions - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

What’s a TransAtlantic Cruise Really Like?

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Are you wondering what’s a transatlantic cruise like? I’ve just returned from a transatlantic cruise with my kid and I’m sharing my experience and some tips here on transatlantic repositioning cruises. My Experience on a Transatlantic Cruise Before my recent transatlantic journey with my 3-year-old daughter, I was honestly worried that I wouldn’t enjoy the trip.  I knew my daughter would love the transatlantic cruise — with all the kid-friendly amenities — but I didn’t know if I would enjoy cruise travel. I have mix feelings towards cruise travel, having been ... (c) Wild Junket Adventure Travel Blog - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

Perfect Your Car for an Offroading Adventure

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There is something awesome about offroading – the ability to just drive is so freeing it can get addictive! But if you don’t want to get stuck or find yourself in a jam, you will need to make sure that your car is properly equipped to handle the terrain in front of you. Road trips are the best way to discover what the wild has to hold and travel beyond the safety of the city. There is so much land to explore and so ... (c) Four Jandals Adventure Travel Blog - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

Video: Full Trailer for Andy Irons: Kissed By God

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If you're looking for a powerful and beautifully shot documentary to add to your list of upcoming films to catch, than look no further than this trailer. It is for a film called Andy Irons: Kissed By God, which tells the tale of world champion surfer Andy Irons, who was a supreme athlete who also struggled with bipolar disorder. The documentary will explore how that impacted Andy's life and the... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website (c) The Adventure Blog - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

United Business Class Review: Maybe Mile Worthy

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? Flying business class is costly (unless your business is paying) so whether its miles or money, if you’re spending either it’s worth shopping around. United, which pretty much has the worst public relations of any airline at the moment, has locked down some key North America to Europe routes – meaning though you may not particularly want to – you might find yourself leaning toward flying ... (c) foXnoMad - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

Our Exciting US road trip plans for the next six weeks

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We’re off on a six week road trip adventure. We haven’t been on a trip this long for some time. It’s the most excited I’ve felt about road tripping and travel for a long time as well. So much of the past year has been spent getting ourselves settled into life in the US, ... (c) y Travel Blog - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

The Amazing Dinosaur Center In Thermopolis, Wyoming

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The Dinosaur Center located in Thermopolis, Wyoming is one of the few museums in the world, to have excavation sites within a short driving distance. Established in 1995, this world class facility displays, one of the largest and unequaled fossil collections in the world. It is the 22nd stop in the travel series Off The Beaten Path. The Dinosaur Center can be found a short distance from Thermopolis, Greek for Hot City, ... (c) WanderingTrader - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

Stunning Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi

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The post Stunning Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi appeared first on LandLopers. (c) LandLopers - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

Adventure High: Schools that are revolutionizing outdoor education

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In recent years, the experiential education movement has surged in popularity. We looked to our literal backyards of Charlottesville, Va., and Asheville, N.C., to see how the movement is providing more outdoor opportunities for middle and high schoolers and what that’s doing for the next generation of leaders. Pulling into the Miller School of... (c) Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine - Read entire story here. … [Read more]

Top 20 Things To Do In Jamaica for Nature Lovers (Ecotourism Guide)

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Top 20 Things To Do In Jamaica for Nature Lovers (Ecotourism Guide) originally appeared on Green Global Travel. When talking about the most beautiful islands in the world, everyone has their favorite. Personally, I’m in love with Jamaica, which was one of the first travel destinations I ever visited. I love Bob Marley and lots of other Jamaican music, and had several Jamaican friends when I lived in London. Before I visited, I thought the island was all about the rich culture ... (c) Green Global Travel - Read entire story here. … [Read more]