Traveling with Kids: Essentials for Family Adventure Travel

Part 2 of 3 Part Series Everything you do with your kids has the potential to be the best (or the worst) experience you’ve ever had – that’s just the nature of the beast! This may be doubly true when traveling with kids, but Hans Lagerweij, former president of Quark Expeditions® and now Portfolio Managing Director Adventure, TUI Group, says that with a…

Traveling with Kids: Raising Youth to Be Responsible Global Citizens

Part 1 of 3 Part Series It’s a rite of passage so many of us look forward to, perhaps not every year, but as often as we can make it work. This year, more than a third of American families will take a vacation with the whole crew, kids and all. These days, we’re also…

Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves: Evelyn Hannon

Join us as we revisit some of our most memorable blog posts and celebrate women who have carved out their own journey around the world, in the Polar Regions.

When to Visit Antarctica: A Traveler’s Guide to the 7th Continent

We often hear of Antarctic cruises being referred to as once in a lifetime trips. It’s a bucket list destination: an experience you have to have at some point in your life.

A Year on South Georgia: Sam Crimmin, Quark Expeditions Doctor

Note: This passenger-favorite guest post — recounting the first-hand observations and experiences on living in Antarctica, through each of its varied seasons — was written by one of our very own onboard doctors, Sam Crimmin. “If you were to take a giant caring knife, slice along beneath the highest mountain ridges of Switzerland, just where the huge glaciers tumble into the valley below, and then drop

Top 10 Most Famous and Intriguing Polar Explorers

The names and achievements of famous explorers of the Polar Regions are well known, and the history of polar exploration is filled with stories of courage and endurance, as well as triumph and tragedy. From Sir Ernest Shackleton, whose bravery and devotion to his men was exemplary, to the century-long mystery of the ill-fated Franklin expedition, polar explorers continue to intrigue.

All-Inclusive, All-Suites Antarctica

We’re constantly improving and adding travel options here at Quark Expeditions®. For travelers who are short on time but want a high-value Antarctic experience, we’ve added an exciting new addition to our fleet: the all-inclusive, all-suites Island Sky.

Top 4 Reasons to Fly the Drake on Your Antarctic Cruise

Carving time out of your life and routine for an Antarctic cruise used to be an undertaking. It would take weeks – even a month or more – to reach the 7th continent. Even then, you had quite the trip in store – one of the more “adventurous” aspects was sailing the

Life On Board an Antarctic Expedition Ship in Immersive 360° VR

It’s a common misconception about Antarctic travel — that experiencing one of the world’s wildest and most remote destinations must mean you have to rough it along the way. When we look back at how difficult Antarctic exploration was just a few short decades ago, it’s hard to imagine making such a trek in comfort; even in style.

Crossing the Antarctic Circle

Written by Quark Expeditions team member Nicholas Engelmann

Top 5 Expeditions for Adventure Travel Lovers

What’s your next travel destination? There are so many choices for adventurous travelers like yourself, it can be difficult to narrow down all your options.

Antarctica Aboard Ocean Endeavour: Better Than Finding $500 Million

Marine archaeologist KT Budde-Jones had always dreamed of taking an Antarctic expedition. In fact, she had been saving for one for 15 years. But as with many things in life, there just never seemed to be a good time to go. Then everything changed.

Who’s That Whale? Your Photo Could Help I.D. a Humpback

A whale approaches a Zodiac filled with travelers aiding in scientific research. Photograph by Ted Cheeseman The tail of a humpback whale flares out of the water as the animal begins to dive. Ted Cheeseman rattles off half a dozen quick frames with his camera before it slips under the water. “I don’t think we’ve seen that whale on this trip yet,” he says. “You think you can identify a whale just with that?” I ask…

Antarctic Small Ship Vacations aboard the Hans Hansson

Only a century ago, venturing as far south as the 7th continent was an undertaking requiring months of preparation and weeks at sea. You were literally taking your life in your hands, as Antarctic explorers Roald Amundsen, Captain Robert Falcon Scott, or Nobu Shirase would surely attest.