How to spend 24 hours in a Las Vegas resort without leaving it

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Royal Crescent Hotel Review – Bath

Last year we stayed for one night at the Royal Crescent hotel in the Brinsley Sheridan Royal Suite. Every suite has a deep history,…

One day in paradise: Puerto Vallarta (Photo Essay)

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Atlantis Resort is coming to Hawaii

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7 luxurious Cabo villas you can book now

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7 charming pousadas in Brazil you can book now

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The New Cooking Academy at Four Seasons The Nam Hai Resort

Artisans of Leisure is known for our private culinary tours in Vietnam, and we’re always looking for interesting new food-related activities to offer our travelers in the country. That’s why we’re excited about the new Cooking Academy at Four Seasons The Nam Hai, Vietnam. Want to learn to make traditional Vietnamese dishes like spring rolls, banana blossom salad, banh xeo…

Huge views and Tiny Homes in Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park is tucked away in the southwest corner of Alberta, hugging the American border, nestled between Mt Crandell and Vimy Peak. Established in 1932 this amazing national park is one park you have to commit a full weekend to. My wife and I recently set off on a long weekend exploration of the park to experience as much as we could in a weekend. We were right on the tail end…

Visit These Canadian Casino Resorts for a Superb Time

While our friends in the states tend to see more tourism for casinos down in Atlantic City and Vegas, those looking for a bit of a gaming getaway are in for a surprise. Canada is home to countless Casinos that welcome gamblers big and small. From Toronto to Vancouver, you can find beautiful gambling establishments all across the country complete with dining, entertainment, hotels, and of course, the best casino games. Planning a Casino Trip In Canada When planning a trip throughout the country…

Northeastern Nooks

The northeastern part of the U.S. is diverse, no doubt, but it has a few common defining characteristics, namely compact states, cities as dense as the forests that populate the rural part of the region. People, too, seem to have an entrenched sense of community, which makes sense considering that European settlers came here before almost anywhere else on the North American continent. There’s no guarantee that you’ll feel like…

WHERE TO STAY in Chicago

It’s funny, we have lived here about 10 years and have always known about these three hidden gems. Yet, I talk to people who have lived here their whole life! And they are not familiar with City Suites, The Majestic and The Willows. Willows and Majestic are tucked away in quiet neighborhoods, where you can blend…

Well-Rounded Hotels in Colorado

Main image source Colorado is a square — or a rectangle, more accurately — which can lead some people to believe that what exists within its four well-defined borders is boring. Of course, the Rocky Mountain state is anything but, due only in part to the towering peaks of the Continental …

Why villas can be better option than hotels

Have private holidays and all the facilities by spending same money Have you ever used an online accommodation booking website to check the best hotels in your holiday destination? If you have done so it is okay. We all have done it at some point. But, we sometimes look for privacy, relaxing, luxury and facilities

Scenic Sleeps Under the Western Sky

There are few things more quintessentially American than the landscapes of the West and the emotions they evoke. Whether you come for the pink sunsets, the forlorn-looking cacti or the abandoned ghost towns, traveling in the western part of the U.S. will leaves its mark on you. No matter where in this picturesque region you travel, choose a hotel that matches the rusticness of the surrounding scenery. …