10 Questions: Federico Gurdián, Casa Chameleon Las Catalinas

In our General Manager series, we catch up with heads of hotels for personal stories and insider perspective. This week, we get to know Federico Gurdián of Casa Chameleon Las Catalinas in Costa Rica. Best hotel room at the property: “Villa Suite.” The hotel’s most interesting detail, service

48 hours in Calgary

Thousands of out-of-towners descend on Calgary in early July for Stampede. The 10-day, rodeo-centric event isn’t everyone’s can of beer, but as I discovered, you don’t need to like barrel racing or bull riding to fall in love with Cowtown. The city’s bikeability, dynamic dining scene and proximity to unspoiled wilderness prove she’s no one trick pony.

Spotlight: Dubai’s Oasis of Luxury in the Desert

As recently as 1968, Dubai’s meager infrastructure had to accommodate a fleet of just 13 cars. The city’s oil boom had yet to make its mark, and it could generously have been described as a provincial backwater. Its transformation since then is staggering, going from parched outpost to one of the world’s …

The List: 10 Hotels With Unique Winter Activities

Though last week’s blog offered a little tropical respite from winter’s clutches, we’re not averse to embracing the chill with a ski escape. Fresh powder, roaring fireplace and waxed skis rank highly on most people’s list of requirements, but Kiwi Collection hotels usually exceed expectations with some unique offerings. Herein, 10 hotels offering out-of-the-ordinary winter activities this season.

Proust Travel Questionnaire: David Yurman

He had difficulty reading and sitting still as a young lad, so David Yurman turned to sculpture, and that turned out to be a brilliant idea. Along with his wife Sybil, a painter, they parlayed their creativity into a wildly successful jewelry business, now in its 36th year. While in Vancouver to showcase his new shop-in-shop at Holt Renfrew, David gave our travel questionnaire a go.

The List: 10 Hotels with Creative VIP Amenities

In her heyday, Mariah Carey reportedly wouldn’t check-in to a hotel until they guaranteed a new toilet seat and gold faucets in her suite. While demands like this aren’t commonplace, the world’s best hotels have long understood going the extra mile. In this week’s blog, we take a look at 10 Kiwi Collection hotels that offer head-turning VIP amenities whether one enjoys celebrity

The List: 7 Tales From The Concierge Desk

With their position on the front lines of hospitality, concierges are often privy to unmentionable secrets, while deftly accommodating requests with all the dexterity of a magician. The term was born in the French language, originating as commute des cierges or “keeper of the candles.” It applied to the servants who tended to French aristocracy, responding to each of their whims and flights of fancy with minimal fuss.

The List: 5 Destinations Where Conservation is Key

Responsible tourism continues to gain popularity. In certain countries, it’s borne out of necessity, as the realities of climate change leave their mark. Scores of resorts have placed themselves at the forefront of this effort, focusing on sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. Herein, five destinations where hotels are making a difference in their local environment.

The Chef’s 8: Justin Taylor, Andaz West Hollywood

In A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf wrote “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” In that spirit, we’re picking the brains of those who make the latter happen: chefs. Next in our series is Justin Taylor of Riot House at Andaz West Hollywood. The first dish […]

The List: Awe-inspiring Hotels

Each of the hotels that make up Kiwi Collection are special in their own way, but there are some that inspire a particular kind of amazement. Whether it’s by virtue of picture-perfect scenery or their stunning interiors, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite awe-inspiring hotels to share with you below. Trigger warning: wanderlust

The Chef’s 8: Pedro Abascal, Thompson Playa del Carmen

In A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf wrote “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” In that spirit, we’re picking the brains of those who make the latter happen: chefs. Next up is Pedro Abascal of Thompson Playa del Carmen. The first dish you learned how to […]

Spotlight: Where Good Taste Lives in Sin City

In a city resplendent with gourmet dining and endless entertainment options, it takes a lot to stand out; to separate one’s self from the throng. At The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, expectations are exceeded thanks to the presence of a live music venue, one of the city’s hippest nightclubs and a variety of dining establishments. Read on as we dive deep into the array of dining choices available to guests.

The List: Spend Some Thyme in These Hotel Herb Gardens

While a comfy bed and all the mod cons are a must, guests nowadays expect a little more from their hotel experience. Ever the savvy people pleasers, hotels are duly obliging, offering extras as eclectic as bee colonies, cooking classes and rental bikes. This week, we’re flexing our green fingers and taking a look at 11 hotels that stock their kitchens with treasures from their own herb gardens. So, without further dill-ay, let’s dive in.

Trip Tips: 6 US National Parks to Visit in 2016

There are 84 million acres of protected national parkland in the U.S., and this year the National Park Service (they take care of it all) celebrates its Centennial. April 16 to 24, 2016 makes it even more enticing to visit one of the 400 parks with free admission. To narrow down the choices, here are six picks across the country with corresponding plush accommodation for those who don’t care to camp.